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As a consequence of spiraling medicine expenses, many people have turned their eyes to purchasing less expensive prescription medicines through the Internet. Howbeit, this may present another challenge for online pharmacy searchers: finding a pharmacy that is truly safe and legitimate as well.Illegal, offshore, unsupervised and fraudulent pharmacies abound on the Internet; moreover, government regulation cannot adequately cover the thousands of drug dispensers that exist through websites/blogs. Listed below are listed some of the various methods that consumers can use to help them detect a legitimate operation as opposed to a fraudulent one.

Online Pharmacy Reviews through Forum and Blog Posts

Many have been the times that this writer has discovered some interesting facts concerning a prescription medicine, side-effects of such a medicine, a healthcare professional or a mail-order online pharmacy service.

One does have to be able to discern what forum or blog post has a legitimate claim to it, and which one is a simple rant from a disgruntled user. However, if you read through enough online pharmacy reviews, it can be both enlightening and rewarding to read the experiences others have had with a particular healthcare provider.

Sites of Pharmacy Reviews

These also abound through the Internet and cannot always be depended on to give out truthful information about pharmacies; however, they are one more defense for consumers seeking prescription drugs. Online pharmacy reviews usually consist of content that provides a list of the “most recommended online pharmacies” and rogue online pharmacies. Buyer beware: not all sites that feature pharmacy reviews are legitimate themselves and some may even add to the “most recommended” list as long as a particular pharmacy is willing to pay for the listing.